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Dental Lasers

At Centre dentaire Fancelli, our dentists use many types of lasers as dental instruments.

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Dental Laser, Montreal South-Shore Dentist

Dental Lasers

At Centre dentaire Fancelli, we use several types of lasers as dental instruments.

Dental lasers have stimulatory effects that allow faster tissue regeneration and healing than with traditional methods.

Laser dentistry improves and optimizes the majority of dental care, from the painless treatment of cavities to treatment of the gums.

Diagnodent Laser

The Diagnodent is a laser that measures the degree of denaturation of tooth enamel (early decay). This allows our dentists to intervene early in order to repair the teeth with the most conservative fillings possible.

Lumix 2

Classified as a "cold" laser, this type of laser is used to reduce tissue inflammation by photobiomodulation or electromagnetic energy. It is applied to painful areas of the head, neck, back and joints to remove the inflammation that causes pain.


Diode lasers can treat the majority of gum problems conservatively to avoid extensive and expensive surgeries. We use them in the treatment of periodontal disease, frenectomies, to improve the shape of the gums and the elimination of muscle attachments. Its photobiomodulation effect helps reduce inflammation, post-operative pain, and stimulate tissue regeneration for faster healing. They can also treat herpetic lesions (cold sores) and aphthous lesions (ulcers).

Waterlase iPlus

The Waterlase iPlus represents one of the best technologies in terms of multifunctional lasers. It treats both soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue such as bone and teeth. In many cases, it allows fillings to be done without the use of local anesthesia, eliminates the noise and vibration associated with drills, and is pain-free. At the level of surgery, the postoperative effects are almost eliminated and the healing time is greatly reduced.

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